Automatic Time Tracking an Overview

A lot of times, i have felt I have worked more than my body can handle but when I took toll of the tasks, it seems most of them were not completed or was in a very bad state. I was not sure where I was going wrong, I had a fair idea that my browsing was causing some damage to my time management but I was not sure as to how much damage it was causing.

To rectify this, I took it upon myself to create a simple application in .Net (C#) which would keep track of time. Initially I thought, let it run in my system tray and manually enter tasks one by one and the time on which I was working on it. It was a realistic idea but not for me, like i said, my laziness was getting to me and I wanted a way to automatically start accounting for the work I do in my computer.

The only way I could this was to write an application which keeps track of all the process running in my Laptop and and keep writing to an XML file. Then I will have to classify these processes using tags and generate a report based on that. I am still not sure how to account for the non-pc work I do but nevertheless this is a start for me. The things I want to keep track of is as follows

  1. Programming Work In Office
  2. Documentation Work In Office
  3. Programming Work at Home
  4. Documentation work at home
  5. Internet Browsing
    1. Track each site i visit and how long i stay there.
    2. Possibly how much was download for the duration that i stayed in the site.
  6. Reading work I do.
  7. Weekly meetings.

That’s it for now. I will soon post a list of feature that I am going to have in the initial version of the tool.

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