Just A Number

In anger and agony I write this.

I am just a number on the board for people with ties to count
I exist solely to serve , they crucify me
I dance with the devil every day
They dance with the princess every day
In my infancy, promises many they showed

Showed me the shining crystals of the heaven
The beautiful damsels of the heaven
Showed me I bear the torch for the future

What I didn’t know
I was just a twig that burnt in the flame
Just like the other million twigs,
just a twig is what I am
Everyday they roast me and freeze me
They do it again and again forever and forever
Till my mortal body can bear the brunt of the pain
Just another pawn in the game, just another pawn
Played to the core, will i survive, only the time may know

Will I get out of this maze, time will only tell
Clinging to hope, I beleieve I can survive
I am carrying on braving all that the time can throw at me

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