Android app for Instapaper

I recently (1 year) started developing apps in android. I initially started to an app for a friend of mine. It still hasn’t launched in the market so I will refrain from stating what the app is all about and spoil the surprise. However I wanted to launch something on the Android Market for sometime now. To put a start to that I recently started the UI design for an android app for Instapaper. It is still not full designed nor have I some code in place. So far what I have done is to create a basic UI design of the app that I want. Here are the screen in sequential order

1. Login Screen

2. Home Screen

3. Links Screen

4. Read the Article Screen

5. Like and Archive the Article Screen

This is what I have so far. I am still improving the design. However I am going to use this as a base design and convert this to Android Native UI experience and see how it exactly looks on my HTC Inspire. Well of to Eclipse then !!

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