Working with Custom Entites in MS CRM 4.0

Working with Custom Entities has been a little tough on me because of the High Learning curve involved.  Finally I did win over and learnt quite a bit about using these entities in custom pages. It’s actually quite simple to work with the custom entities. Here’s a piece of code which will get the custom entity into a dynamic entity for us

//Create of New information the custom entity
DynamicEntity de_Custom = new DynamicEntity();
de_Custom.Name = "CustomEntityName";
de_Custom.Properties = PropertiesCollectionObject;
TargetCreateDynamic tcd_Custom = new TargetCreateDynamic();
tcd_Custom.Entity = de_Custom;  <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&rarr;</span></a>

Using Dynamic Entity in MS CRM 4.0

The other day, I was helping my wife with one of the issues she was facing in MS CRM 4.0. The code was basically trying to get an instance to the running crmwebservice and use that instance to create a contact or a update a contact in MS CRM.  The issue we were facing in particular, was a type casting issue where an implicit cast of PropertyCollection to Property was not being done. After some research here and here. We ended up with the following code Continue reading