Debugging JavaScript code in MS CRM 4.0

It was real tough not knowing how to debug JavaScript Code in MS CRM 4.0. Every time I had to publish the forms and test with Alert Messages. It really got on my nerves and thought I better find a way out of this and that is when Stunnware helped me. I wanted to share the learning with you and here it is…
Open the Internet Explorer settings and select the Advanced tab. In the list of available options find the “Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)” setting and make sure it’s unchecked.
Open any script you want to debug and place the following just before the statement where you want to start your debugging session: Continue reading

Using Property Collection in MS CRM 4.0

While using Properties in MS CRM 4.0 one has to be careful as to which dotnet namespace you are instantiating it from. For MS CRM purposes, you need to make sure you instantiate it from Microsoft.crm.sdk and not from System.Data namespace. If you type the following code

PropertyCollection pc_Dummy = new PropertyCollection();

In the above line the word “Property Collection” will be show in Red in the Visual Studio IDE. This can be resolved using the following piece of declaration code. Continue reading

Working with Custom Entites in MS CRM 4.0

Working with Custom Entities has been a little tough on me because of the High Learning curve involved.  Finally I did win over and learnt quite a bit about using these entities in custom pages. It’s actually quite simple to work with the custom entities. Here’s a piece of code which will get the custom entity into a dynamic entity for us

//Create of New information the custom entity
DynamicEntity de_Custom = new DynamicEntity();
de_Custom.Name = "CustomEntityName";
de_Custom.Properties = PropertiesCollectionObject;
TargetCreateDynamic tcd_Custom = new TargetCreateDynamic();
tcd_Custom.Entity = de_Custom;  <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">&rarr;</span></a>